Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A fat baby's a healthy baby!

Alright, here is a new vote Grandma Terry suggested. I will take responsibility for supplying the prize for this one.

Take a vote on how much Lydia will weigh. No doubling up on the same weights (because there is only one prize you know).

P.S. Funny thing, we went to the Doctor yesterday, (March 30th), and got an ultrasound to measure her growth; we know about how much she'll weigh. :o)

Em's Mom~ 7lb 8oz
Rachael~ 7lbs 6oz
Steve & Jaimee~ 8lbs 3 oz
Ryan~ 8 LBS 5 Oz
‎Anita~ 7 LBS 7 OZ
Talia~ 9lb (?!)
Angie~ 8lb

"A fat baby's a healthy baby!" ... but not TOO fat- for her delivery please. :)


  1. We vote 8lbs 3 oz!
    -Jaimee + Steve

  2. The doctor wasn't even close on my kids. They go by head measurement and my kids have big heads. SO, looking at the parents my guess is...I'll be giving a prize for the correct answer. Haha! Just kidding.

  3. Hmm... Will she be more of a 7lb Chloe, or a 10 lb Solana? I'm going 9 lbs, just because everyone else is guessing low. :)

  4. Nice votes guys!
    P.S. Are you saying we have big head Rach!? Haha...