Friday, September 30, 2011

Lets talk green beans

Lydia will be 6 months on Wednesday, that is crazy,man! I really try to take everybody's advice by not wishing for the next stage (hoping she will crawl soon, sort of thing) and enjoy the stage that she's in, and I feel like I really have enjoyed all of them so far.
I feel like I'm a good mom, (and a humble one), for what's it worth. I mean, at the age Lydia is at now- it doesn't take too much talent, where she doesn't need really any type of discipline yet...

She has been eating solids! Well... if you can call baby food "solids." We should really consider calling this "solid food" liquidated food or baby soup or mooshies. "Yeah, my baby is old enough for mooshies now."
Speaking of "old enough," what a decision is to decide these kind of things. That is why I brought up being a "good mom". I feel like I might be a good mom, (at least in this area), because I am able to consider what is good for Lydia, even if it's the first time I'm trying something out with her. She reacts in ways that I can recognize - and I am real familiar with allergies, so- I feel really comfortable with starting her on "mooshies."
Of course I had questions, and I like hearing stories and advice as long as those telling them aren't trying to convert.
Isn't it funny to hear the black and white opinions of everyone? It is funny to me.
So my question was, should we start out with fruit or veggies? One says, "Veggies, so she doesn't develop a sweet tooth." OK, that makes sense, but the other says, "Fruit, because they have already tasted sweet in milk," aaw, that makes sense too. Then another lady says, "FACT, fruit only. If you don't, they will feel forced to eat veggies, and then when they grow up, they never eat them again." Oh. Yikes. So we will start with fruit.
To make a long story a little shorter, I fed her fruit... and she hated the fruit. She likes peas and green beans better. And the "FACT lady" couldn't believe it..

The point to it all is, the baby's mom is the mom and we will just be good at the guessing game and recognize when something isn't right. Baby will be their own baby, all are different. And it's fun to tell stories and hear advice, but it is not fun to be missionary taught on how to be a mom. :o)

So to sum it all up; a couple movie clips of Lydia talking about how she loves green beans, or at least prefers them: