Friday, February 4, 2011

32 weeks and 8 to go!

I'm not a blogger, but what a better time to start than when we are waiting on a baby to come?
Our baby is 32 weeks along leaving only 8 more weeks until the due date. We are having a baby girl and are going to name her Lydia Jannie Davidson. My great Grandma, who is still living at 100 years old, is named Jannie and that is who we are naming Lydia after.
The baby shower was last Saturday and was the best party I've been to! Not only becuase of all the hard work put into making it look adorable and for the people who came and generosity from them, but how it made the whole idea of having a baby so real. Now that our little baby's room is basically put together and the closet is a Baby R'us I think Ben and I are getting very comfortable with the idea of having a baby instead of the disbelieve and anxiousness we have been feeling before. We have our 32 week check up tomorrow morning, and that's when we start having appointments ever to weeks. So this means, counting tomorrow's appointment, there are only 5 more appointments left (not counting when we start going in even more often)! I cannot wait to meet our little girl.