Friday, June 3, 2011

Catching up on the last month

We've been moved out from Rexburg for a month and are in the delightful Iona, Ben is still doing great at his IT job at Melaleuca, and Lydia is going to be 2 months old on Sunday. She is doing so good, she's starting to smile at us and not just in her sleep. :) She's sleeping a little more in the night, thanks to the swing the Grandma's bought her.
We have been saving and looking for a house! There's some we like, but still looking. I love house shopping, it is fun.
This Sunday is Lydia's blessing and Monday is her 2 month check up. It'll be fun to see how much she has gained.

Oh Fun! Before & Afters While Moving in to Our New Apartment:

Lydie was so tired from helping unpack...

Oh yeah, Ben and I had a 2 year anniversary! He took me to a little cabin in Island Park. We were nice and brought our little buddy along to :)

Ready for our Yellowstone outing in her little overalls and tennies

We saw a lot of buffalo calves, so cute.

And then we saw a black bear!
This guys was about 15 feet way from the bear!
My dad gave his thoughts, "I wouldn't usually even come this close to a bear, but that guy will get eaten first..."
Dwight- "Fact, bears eat beats" ...and stupid tourists.

This was Ben's second time, in his whole life, going to Yellowstone!

And then we saw a Raven ...and fed it jelly beans.