Friday, March 18, 2011

When will little Lydi be born?

Our parents and most of Ben's siblings and in-laws took votes on when Lydia will be born, being promised by Ben a prize for whoever gets it right, here are the dates of each individual votes. Emily's siblings need to vote too! Friends can vote also, I'm just not sure about you receiving a prize where you're not family... Ben's in charge! (Rule is only one vote per date, no doubling up on the same day).

Em's Mom~ March 19
Sara~ March 20
Ericka~ March 21
Nats~ March 23
Em's Dad~ March 24
Steph~ March 26
Mary~ March 27
Cordell~ March 28
Ben's Mom~ March 29
Talia~ March 30th
Joe~ March 31
Jake~ April 1
Ben's Dad~ April 2
Taylor~ April 3
Rachael~ April 4
Carrie~ April 5
Merena~ "Whenever Carrie has her baby!"

Take a vote and I'll post it! Hurry... It could be today... :o)


  1. Hey Emily! It's katelyn from that AWFUL interior design class. My blog is private but if you email me ( I'll send you an invite! I cant believe you're going to have her so soon!!! I vote for April 6th, because that's my anniversary! :) Good Luck!!

  2. I vote for Pedro...I mean 4-4-11 just cuz it's cooool. ♥

  3. I'm going for March 30th because it hasn't been taken yet.