Friday, June 3, 2011

Catching up on the last month

We've been moved out from Rexburg for a month and are in the delightful Iona, Ben is still doing great at his IT job at Melaleuca, and Lydia is going to be 2 months old on Sunday. She is doing so good, she's starting to smile at us and not just in her sleep. :) She's sleeping a little more in the night, thanks to the swing the Grandma's bought her.
We have been saving and looking for a house! There's some we like, but still looking. I love house shopping, it is fun.
This Sunday is Lydia's blessing and Monday is her 2 month check up. It'll be fun to see how much she has gained.

Oh Fun! Before & Afters While Moving in to Our New Apartment:

Lydie was so tired from helping unpack...

Oh yeah, Ben and I had a 2 year anniversary! He took me to a little cabin in Island Park. We were nice and brought our little buddy along to :)

Ready for our Yellowstone outing in her little overalls and tennies

We saw a lot of buffalo calves, so cute.

And then we saw a black bear!
This guys was about 15 feet way from the bear!
My dad gave his thoughts, "I wouldn't usually even come this close to a bear, but that guy will get eaten first..."
Dwight- "Fact, bears eat beats" ...and stupid tourists.

This was Ben's second time, in his whole life, going to Yellowstone!

And then we saw a Raven ...and fed it jelly beans.


  1. Great googly moogly! Are you living in our old apartment? I probably wouldn't have recognized it if you hadn't mentioned that you are in Iona.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Good luck house hunting, how fun!

  3. Only twice to Yellowstone in his whole life? Sheesh. Poor underprivileged kid . . .